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Safety is very important to me in my work. The first thing I tell my clients when I welcome them into the studio is that nothing in the room is more precious than their child. I think parents see the props and lights and immediately worry about little fingers causing damage. But to me it’s more important that my props and lights not cause any damage to those little fingers!  I keep the space tidy and organized, props not in use are stored in a separate room, and I use sandbags to secure anything that could possibly be knocked over.

In addition I will never use a prop that could cause harm – nothing that could break, or with sharp edges. I clean and inspect my props regularly to insure they are in perfect working condition. I launder all of my blankets and wraps after every session in a detergent that is hypoallergenic and free of dyes. I am diligent with using hand sanitizer throughout your session. Finally, the studio itself is cleaned after every session.

When it comes to posing my littlest clients, safety again is first and foremost. Babies and small children are so incredibly fragile. This is obvious. There’s a right and a wrong way that they should be handled and posed for their portraits. I have been trained by some of the very best photographers in this business on the art of newborn posing and safety. I’ve also watched hours and hours of online workshops regarding posing and safety. I will never, ever, put your child in any kind of danger just for a shot. I sometimes go for a look that is unique and whimsical, but it is done in a safe manner. Usually this means it is a composition. A composition is 2 or more images “put together” in post processing in order to achieve that whimsical look. Maybe it’s a baby with his head resting in his hands, or a tiny little one balanced on Dad’s guitar. It could be something as simple as a baby lying in a baby bed. Babies have a startle reflex that is very active in the first few week’s of life. Which is exactly when I photograph most of my newborns. This reflex could lead to a terrible accident if baby doesn’t have hands on at all times. I put mom’s or dad’s hands to work for these poses.

Take a peek at a few behind the scenes shots showing my safety measures in place, and some of my favorite image compositions. And finally, I hope you’ll feel confident in bringing your sweet baby to me, not only for beautiful newborn portraits, but knowing that I will handle them with extreme care and safety at all times!



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Thank you all for the lovely feedback! xo

Great post! I always wondered how you kept the babies from falling off of props and getting hurt. Now I see!

Chris Loring

I feel like more newborn photographers should speak out on safety, it is so so important!

Excellent post about such an important issue!

Deziree Dufresne

This is so so important, I’m so glad you posted on it!

This is such an important part of the process–thanks for sharing this! I’m sure it will help put parents at ease!


Great advice and beautiful images!

This is such a great post! The images are beautiful, and I LOVE seeing behind the scenes.

Love behind the scene photos–and great important reminders!

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