Embrace the Magic | Castle Rock Child Photographer

There’s a magic in childhood that as parents we sometimes forget to notice. Life gets busy and hectic and we get wrapped up in our daily to-do’s. As a mama to two boys myself, this whimsical children’s portrait session served as a wonderful reminder to me to embrace the magic a little more in my own boys’ lives.

I adore this session. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share it actually! This was from a glorious day last fall here in Castle Rock. These two sweet brothers got to play make believe and jump in puddles and chase the light. Their mama and I got to wrestled with fluffy clouds, and I may have huffed and puffed a bit bringing this airplane up the hill to where we shot, but it was so worth it. It was, in a word, magical.

Castle Rock Child Photographer cribtalesphotography_1402
Castle Rock Child Photographer
Castle Rock Child Photographer
Castle Rock Child Photographer cribtalesphotography_1401
Castle Rock Child Photographer cribtalesphotography_1403
Castle Rock Child Photographer cribtalesphotography_1404
Castle Rock Child Photographer cribtalesphotography_1405
Castle Rock Child Photographer cribtalesphotography_1406

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I love your vision and imagination! Then to see those in images created, is truly magical!! Amazing job!

Amanda Tipton

So fun! I love those clouds! Great work!

Danna Frost

So stinking cute, love the plane!!


Love those! So fun and unique! And those outfits are perfect!

These are amazing! I love the styling! Momma will cherish these for years to come. Great job!

Lindsay Hiatt

THIS is magical. What a beautiful job you did. Love their outfits, the lighting…everything. Great work!


The clouds are great! I have two boys and I am totally jealous of this session.

Ohmygosh his suspenders are adorable. And the clouds in that photo…so cool!

Kathryn Kim

What a fun shoot! That first photo is epic! And those plaid socks are killing me- too cute!

Girl you should have shared this blog a long time ago 🙂 I love everything about this session! If this was my session I would have a collection of these images on my wall!

I love those clouds! That first photo is just perfection 🙂

c o n n e c t