Summer is here! | Denver Newborn Photographer

Oh my goodness gracious! I’m behind in my blogging. It’s summer. That means my boys are home from school and instead of life being chill it has become rather bananas! But in a very good way. We’ve been keeping busy with camps and the pool and hang outs with friends, concerts in the park and rushing to orthodontist appointments and well checks and all other necessary tasks (um, 2 tween boys eat a LOT – I’ve spent a lot of time at the grocery store lately, too).

I’ve also been able to capture some of the most beautifully perfect babies ever this summer! Major kudos to my boys for being so flexible with my schedule and going with the flow. They know when a client is here they scatter. They also know it means extra screen time for them – they spend most of their time while I’m in sessions tucked in their bedrooms upstairs playing Clash of Clans and Minecraft. Lucky them!! I’m also so thankful for my sweet clients have been so gracious about me popping upstairs to check on my guys every once in a while during a newborn feeding break. It’s not easy balancing work and personal, but how lucky am I to have the opportunity to do so? I love my job and I love my family and I’m so very fortunate that I have the opportunity to balance the two!

So with that, I promise to share more babies in the weeks ahead… starting with miss Dorothy Ann!


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